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Challenges released this week Fortniteand it’s time to get to work. Fortunately, most of the tasks this week are relatively straightforward. In some tasks, you will drive around the map and visit different places. If you’ve completed all the tasks that have been released in the past eight weeks, you know what to expect.

Nonetheless, they are fun and confusing Fortnite gameplay and most importantly, allow players to land in different locations and explore all game mechanics, weapons, and items.

In this guide, we’ll go over all the Fortnite Week 8 Challenges and show you how to complete them if you run into problems.

Dancing In The Kitchen Durrr Burger

durrr burger restaurant dancing

Several challenges await you this week, involving two competing fast food restaurants, Durrr Burger and Uncle Pete’s Pizza Pit.

The challenge begins with the players dancing in the Durrr Burger kitchen. To do this, head to the landmark Logjam woodworks by coordinate B6. This is where you will find Durrr Burger Restaurant in Fortnite.

Enter the restaurant and enter its kitchen, then choose any emote to dance… This task should now be completed.

Use a Firefly Jar In A Pizzeria

Fortnite Pizza Pit Challenge

Pizza pit located next to the landmark The orchard, north of Colossal Crops… The Pizza Pit restaurant is what’s left of Tomato town, a rival of Durrr Burger. This week you should use a jar of fireflies at this location.

To get the Firefly Jar, simply catch the firefly. They are not hard to find and they usually spawn near water and in the forest… Once you’ve caught one of them, just aim and throw it while you’re in Pizza Pit.

Drive From Durrr Burger To Pizza Pit Without Leaving Your Car

The best way to complete this task is plan a route before trying to travel from one place to another

Fortunately, Durrr Burger has multiple vehicles – just be sure to fill his tank in advance, and then head towards Pizza Pit.

Collect Research Books From Holly Hedges And Pleasant Park

There are eight research books to collect this week, and they are scattered across two interesting locations. There are three books in Pleasant Park and five books in Holly Hedges

If you are having trouble finding books, in our guide to a book search tells you where you can find each one. This will also help, given the fact that these are hot spots, so you may not have much time to search for books as the players will most likely be around you.

Use the Tower Guard Grenade Launcher (3)

There are a total of six Watchtowers on the Battle Royale map. If you go to any of these places and climb the tower, you will notice a strange structure at the top.

This structure is a launcher and if you walk through it, it will launch you forward. To complete this mission, you will have to use the launcher from these towers three times… This image shows where you can find all the towers and what the launcher looks like:

spire guardian locations

Opened Chests In The Spire Or Watchtowers (3)

This next test will require you to open three chests, either in the Spire or in the Watchtowers

Since the Spire is a POI and therefore much larger and more populous, there are a lot of chests in it. However, if you decide to head towards the Guardians’ Towers as it is usually safer, try to get to the top of the tower, as there are usually two chests spawning there.

Cause Damage to an Opponent for 10 Seconds After Landing (1)

explosive damage week 2 challenge fortnite

It is not always easy to deal damage to an enemy as soon as you land, especially if he gets to the weapon before you. But this is not impossible. Here are two tips to help you do this:

  • Take part in a single match and travel to a hot spot. A hot drop is where many opponents will land. So generally map center (Spire) and POI next to the battle bus line
  • Take part in a Team Rumble match and land on the enemy side. Then you’re sure to find opponents as soon as you fall – and even if you don’t find the pistol right away, you can just hit them with a pickaxe.

Destroy Structures with Fire (100, 200, 300, 400, 500)

set fire to Fortnite buildings

Burn up to 500 buildings in the Legendary Quest this week. There are different ways to use fire to destroy buildings.

Since you will have to set fire to so many buildings during the week, it is likely that you will resort to some or all of these methods. Here are all the ways to do it:

Use Primal Flame Bow Or Firefly Jar

If you are looking for a practical solution that can be easily used on the road, you should choose for this task fire bow or bank with fireflies

You can easily craft yourself a bow from the primal flame. All you need is a rare primal bow and a gas or firefly can. Fireflies can be caught in the wild near waterways and woodlands.

Use Cars Or Gas Cans

While this method isn’t nearly as practical, it still works if you don’t have the ability to collect fireflies or make a fire bow.

You can bring the car to 0 HP and it will explode causing everything around it to catch fire. The resulting fire will spread. If any structures catch on fire due to the explosion, this will be counted towards the progress of this test.

If you are near a gas station or you have a can of gasoline in your inventory, you can shoot them and they will catch fire and explode. The surroundings will light up, just like with the car.


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