2 minutes.

In the sixth season, new animals have appeared. To develop the right strategy and win this fight, you need to know their features and weaknesses. Below are the characteristics of each character.


Have recently hatched, but are already ready to conquer the first place in the food chain. They are not afraid of anyone, so they can pounce on the first living creature they come across. Lizards hunt in pairs, which increases the chances of their victory. You have to be extremely careful to survive.


Predators – guard their territory. They are ready to fight for their home with any enemy who disturbed them. To distract the wolves, you need to use meat. The snack will keep the predators busy while they chew on their prey. During this short period of time, you must have time to hide from sight, so as not to become a new lunch. Also, having found an approach to the beast, you can lure him to your side. Then the wild animal will fight for you and protect you from other animals. Wolves will have to be hunted to create homemade weapons.

Wild boar

Shy creatures that run away at the first opportunity. But if you take him by surprise, then the beast can attack the one who disturbed the animal. To use their power, you need to find vegetables. With the help of the product, you can destroy your enemy with little or no effort. The wild boars will run in any direction where the vegetable falls.

To win this game, you have to be perspicacious and smart. The legendary hunting cape will help the player train wild animals and defeat the enemy squad. With the help of this equipment, you can establish contact with aggressive animals and lure them to your side.

Chickens and frogs

These animals are not dangerous, but they are a great source for upgrading your equipment. Check out the crafting guide for interesting ideas and tips.