Fortnite for Nintendo Switch improves resolution and performanceFortnite News

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On March 30, 2021, the developers released a Fortnite game update for the Nintendo Switch. This new step allowed players to enjoy the game and its best version.

The developers paid special attention to graphics and its capabilities. This will improve the visual picture of the world, which will allow you to completely immerse yourself in fantasy.

What will be the resolution and performance

After the update, the resolution of the game will noticeably increase: both for the mobile version and for the computer version. The image will have better clarity, but performance will not be affected.

It is also worth noting that after this step, players will be able to enjoy not only the picture, but also the process itself. The update will reduce the number of freezes and crashes, which will significantly affect the game.

Mobile and desktop modes

The game will still use dynamic resolution. This is necessary for a stable frame rate. The resolution will noticeably increase in both modes.
Expected Resolution:

  • will change to 1170 × 660 in the mobile version;
  • in the desktop version will change to 1560 × 880.

The mobile mode will noticeably improve, it will be visible to the naked eye. Small details will have high resolution, allowing them to be seen up close.

Another plus

After installing the game that downloaded the application, a surprise awaits – the size of the game will decrease.