Wild animals – an important part of the 6th season Fortnite… This guide will show players how to tame animals and get them to join you. Recently Fortnite kicked off its newest season with a greater focus on going back in time and transforming the primitive past. In this era, players can find themed weapons of primitive people, new locations on the map, a new battle pass to complete, and insane enemies.

While some can be used for hunting and gathering bones and meat for healing and crafting, players can get these animals to join your cause by taming them. This guide will show you how each of the new wild animals can be tamed in Fortnite.

After the zero point finale of season 5, the entire universe that we knew falling apart… At this point, players need to close these alternative portals that have changed the structure of the universe. Eventually, everything went back to the Primitive Ages, and the previous location of the zero-point sphere was converted to the Spire. While the story continues to unfold for the rest of the season, it’s important to note that there is plenty to do to keep players busy. Players can tame animals and make them fight alongside you, making it much easier to fight enemies rather than fighting alone. This is how players can tame all the animals in Season 6 Fortnite

How To Train Your Animals In Fortnite Season 6

Fortnite Season 6 Primal Wolves Animal Bones

There are 3 different animals that players will encounter in wild nature: wild boars, chickens and wolves. Here’s how players can tame them all.

  • How to tame boars: quit next to a fruit or vegetable so that he does not notice you. Once it starts eating, slowly sneak up on the boar and hold the interacting bottom to tame the boar.
  • How to train your chickens: remember in Zelda can the player take a chicken and jump off the edge to slide with it? It’s basically the same here. Just grab a chicken to tame it and the player will be able to slide for a limited time.
  • How to train wolves: since wolves run in packs, be sure to destroy all but one of them. Use the meat, drop it next to the remaining wolf and hide. Like a boar, when the Wolf is distracted, walk up to him and interact with him to tame him.

This is how players can tame everyone animals in season 6… The chicken and the wolf are probably the most useful, but the boar can be distracted. It will be interesting to see how the rest of the season develops.