A new update comes out every week Fortnite… Usually, these updates add more skins to the game, and sometimes they make some changes to the characteristics. However, this week we received more content than usual. The v16.40 update added a bunch of content. This brought new weapons, new NPCs, and even a new attraction.

You can expect to see Beast boy in play this weekand also soon Teen Titans Cup… As part of this Cup, fans will have the opportunity to earn exclusive cosmetic items. So be sure to keep an eye on the tournament and the Beast Boy kit.

But this was not the only thing that has been added recently. A new character has appeared in the game. She is called Orelia, and she’s related to a familiar Fortnite character, OroAccording to Epic Games, back in the second season, chapter 2, Orelia ascended the throne along with Oro, and now she is ready to appear on the island.

So, if she’s on the island, where exactly? Keep reading and we’ll let you know exactly where you can find it.

Orelia’s location

Fortnite New Landmark Isla Nublada

With the arrival of Orelia, something else was added to the game. Addition to the island. There is a new attraction, it is called Isla nublada… He mysteriously rose above the water.

It is located at the southern tip of the island. He is right south of the Flash Buildingwhere the Flash Factory was once. To find Aurelia in Fortnite, you’ll need to travel to Isla Nublada. She can only be found on this island

nublada orelia island location

As soon as you arrive, enter the castle ruins. She will be downstairs, next to the pedestal. It is also guaranteed that the Legendary Mechanical Assault Rifle will appear on the pedestal.

How to Pay Tribute

You can pick up Oralia’s legendary assault rifle without her permission, however she will attack you immediately. If you do this, you can either run away or try to defeat her. Just keep in mind that she is wearing a new one Primal Assault Rifle Mythical Spire Guardianwhich is quite powerful.

To avoid this completely, you can simply pay the tribute and collect it at the price of 750 gold bars, so you will not be attacked. You can pay your respects like this:

  • Land on Isla Nublada
  • Come up to the pedestal
  • Press and hold the interaction button labeled “Pay Tribute, 750 Bars”.

Remember to also interact with the NPCs so you can register Aurelia as a character and complete your collection… She only has a “conversation,” and if you do, she will simply ask you to pay your respects. And like any other NPC, she will give you an item the first time you talk to her.

Since this is a new location, everyone lands near Isla Nublada, so this is a hot spot at the moment and needs to be approached with caution. Moreover, there are not so many resources and production.


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