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One of the rarest Black Knight of Fortnite: Battle Royale skins was added to the game on December 14, 2017. It was part of the Knights of Fort Pack for Season 1, Chapter 1. You could get the Black Knight hero by unlocking the 70th Battle Pass level. Now only the most old Battle Royale Fortnite gamers have this character.

Overview of the character of the game Fortnight Black Knight

The hero is created in the image and likeness of medieval warriors. Fans of epic battles immediately appreciated the design of the equipment and the fighting qualities of the character.


Part of the dark hero’s equipment is small-link chain mail, stained with the blood of enemies. The character’s head is covered with a heavy deaf helmet with a narrow slit for the eyes, and his hands are covered with massive gloves that can protect them from the most dangerous injuries. Thick pants and heavy boots with grooved soles also indicate the hero’s advanced level of protection. Heraldic signs located on the skin’s combat equipment send back to the era of ancient royal dynasties, beautiful ladies and knightly duels.

In addition to the warlike image, there is a shield with the image of a powerful dragon, made of the best quality steel.

The hero’s right forearm is adorned with a red mark, indicating his dominant leadership qualities.

Main characteristics

The Black Knight from the “Knights of the Fort” set differs from its counterparts in its Nordic character and massive equipment. His combat skills allow him to extract valuable loot located in hard-to-reach places on the map, overcome difficult obstacles and participate in both single and team battles. He is equally good at knives and firearms. This hero was created in order to win.

Main characteristics

Ways to get a hero in a Fortnite game

The developers of the game Fortnight: Battle Royale Epic Games provide players with a lot of opportunities to purchase one or another skin. Some of these ways are:

  • upgrading the level of an individual Battle Pass;
  • participation in special tournaments;
  • passing thematic tests;
  • solving quest tasks;
  • participation in specialized Fortnite promotions, etc.

For the first time for gamers, the Black Knight from the Knights of Fort set became available in Battle Royale Fortnite in December 2017. To obtain it, you had to raise the Battle Pass to level 70. Also, gamers could buy the PSU of the 2nd season for 1800 V-Bucks or, by participating in the promotion, for 950 V-Bucks. The developers did not arrange additional opportunities for the introduction of the character into the game. But even now you can become the owner of a rare hero. For this:

  • subscribe to YouTube channels of leading Fortnight players;
  • participate in special promotions and sweepstakes;
  • Stay tuned to the Fortnite community on social media.
  • join gaming groups on VKontakte, Twitter, Facebock, etc .;
  • Subscribe to the official Epic Games developer news feed.

Maybe luck will smile on you and you will become the owner of one of the rarest Fortnight skins.

To replenish your combat experience, go to single, double and squad battles, take part in passing challenges, raise your skills, go to the “Top” together with the Epic Games developers on the following gaming platforms:

  • Microsoft Windows;
  • macOS;
  • Xbox One;
  • PlayStation 4;
  • PlayStation 5;
  • iOS, Android;
  • Nintendo Switch;
  • Xbox Series X/S.

Do not forget to share your impressions and combat achievements on your personal blogs, telling your friends about the vibrant and dynamic world of Battle Royale.

How long have you been playing Fortnight: Battle Royale? Would you like to get a rare Black Knight Legendary skin for your collection?