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Neymar’s Fortnight skin was released in Season 16 thanks to a collaboration between Epic Games’ campaign developer with Paris Saint-Germain and the Brazilian national team.

The teaser, anticipating the event, was presented by the athlete himself on Neymar Jr’s personal Twitter page on March 13, 2021, where he hinted at participation in the upcoming tournament event.

Neymar skin

Description of the Neymar skin in the game Fortnight

The skin of famous Brazilian soccer player Neymar da Silva Santos Junior brings a new note to the Battle Royale gameplay in the popular online shooter Battle Royale Fortnite. This time Epics have strengthened the sporting aspect of the game, delighting football fans and Fortnight gamers.

Character appearance

The epic avatar of Naimar is a mirror image of his star hero. The first image of the athlete is dressed in black outfit with a name logo and number plate 10.

The second skin is wearing a uniform painted in the colors of the national flag of the attacking midfielder and striker of the Brazilian national team. In the upper left part of the T-shirt worn by the hero, there is also the athlete’s name logo.

A short haircut, a winger’s energy, and the character’s esports figure characterize his high physical fitness and ability to perform the most difficult tasks on the field. If he starts a battle, he cannot be held back.

The appearance of Neymar

Hero quests and rewards

To unlock the secret image of Neymar, Epics offer gamers to complete a series of tasks. They are directly related to football. In addition to the skin, you can win items from the famous sportsman’s stylish set.

Epic and holiday quests

Fortnite Battle Royale Season 16 quests are all about sports challenges. Participants must pass two-factor authentication and have Battle Pass Level 30.

Epic and holiday quests, after which gamers will receive sports awards:

  1. Talk to the football player on the island. To complete the task, land on the map in one of the island’s locations (Pleasant Park, Holly Fences, or Crappy Docks) and chat with an NPC football player. For completing the challenge, you will receive a toy with the soccer ball emote and the Neymar Jr. emblem.
  2. Complete 3 tasks of football players on the island. Pick them up from NPCs in Pleasant Park, Holly Fences, or Crappy Docks. The reward for passing will be the “Matador” loading screen.
  3. Complete 5 NPC Footballer Missions on the Island. NPCs can be found in the following island locations: Pleasant Park, Holly Fences, or Crappy Docks. After you pass 5 tests, you will be rewarded with the equipment of Neymar Jr.
  4. Show your skills, kick a soccer ball so that it flies 500 meters. Epics offer gamers to play the role of a famous athlete, wearing the Neymara skin to complete the task. One of the recommended places for passing is the Lighthouse. Upon completion of the test, the winners will be awarded a prize – a decoration on the back “Coveted Trophy”.
  5. Score a goal into the soccer goal like a famous striker. This would be one of the easiest tests if hundreds of other players were not trying to pass it at the same time with you. Hit the target with the ball and receive a Jaguar Strike Pickaxe as a gift.
  6. Epics invite everyone to discover their wild essence, playing as Neymar. Take a shot of 3 competing opponents. The reward for winning will be the built-in “Shh!” Emote.

In addition to the items received as a gift for completing quests, gamers will open a festive version of Neymar Jr.’s outfit, as well as items in the colors of his form – yellow, blue and green.

Neymar Jr. Awards:

  • graffiti “I’m ready!”;
  • emotion “Secretive Neymar Jr.”;
  • emotion “Holiday Drive”;
  • hang glider “Air acrobat”.

Also use the “Shhh!” Emote to activate Neymar Jr.’s wild form based on his festive outfit. The default style is festive, there are 2 more wild shapes. So at Neymar Jr. will collect 4 different options for the appearance.

Fortnite’s Neymar Tournament

The Neymar Jr. tournament was announced on April 28, 2021. To participate in it, players had to have two-factor authentication enabled, the allowed Battle Pass level was at least 30.

The competition was held in a 10-match wrestling mode, taking into account different time zones and the current rating system:

Match No. Name Rating points
1 Open League: Division I 0 – 249
2 Open League: Division II 250 – 499
3 Open League: Division III 500 – 999
4 Open League: Division IV 1000 – 1499
5 Challenger League: Division I. 1500 – 2499
6 Challenger League: Division II 2500 – 3999
7 Challenger League: Division III 4000 – 5999
8 Champions League: Division I 6000 – 11999
9 Champions League: Division II 12000 – 15999
10 Champions League: Division III 16000+

At the end of the tournament, the gamers who took 1st place received boots with a unique design and an in-game cosmetic item – a new emoji “Lucky Turn”.

All types of competitions were of a sporting nature with a dominant element of the football game.

Win star skins, swing characters, improve your game skills and climb the levels, taking the top positions with Epic Games, using the provided gaming platforms:

  • Microsoft Windows;
  • macOS;
  • Xbox One;
  • PlayStation 4;
  • PlayStation 5;
  • iOS, Android;
  • Nintendo Switch;
  • Xbox Series X/S.

To stay tuned and know when a new patch with interesting tasks will be released, follow the news of the popular online shooter Battle Royale Fortnite on the official Epic Games developer page. Join the gaming community on the social networks VKontakte, Facebook, Twitter and others for useful information.

What Neymar skins do you have? Have you participated in the famous Neymar Jr football tournament?