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Recently, a new announcement appeared on the official website of the game publisher Epic Games. It is about the Rocket League car soccer collaboration and the most popular battle royale, Fortnite. The event itself will be held for two weeks from March 25 to April 9 and will be called “Llama-Rama”.

The event is mostly dedicated to the end of the second season of the Rocky League and will include six different challenges. As they complete them, players will be able to receive special themed rewards for this event. Among other things, a new Minicar emote will also be added to the battle royale, and on the 27th, Fortnite players will be able to attend a virtual concert by many famous DJ Kaskade. This concert will be available in the “Party” mode.

Recently, battle royale fans have discovered similarities between the new Founder character and the popular American actor Dwayne Johnson, known by the nickname The Rock. The most active fans and users of the Reddit forum have also noticed that the Founder’s reservation is exactly the same as Johnson’s tattoos on his chest and shoulder.