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The gameplay of the popular online shooter Battle Royale Fortnite from the developer Epic Games is based on the ability to build barrage structures and the possession of all types of small arms. Game guns, in turn, have an individual classification. They are divided according to rarity, combat qualities, conditions of use. For example, you may need a Pump Action Shotgun to complete one challenge, and a Fire Bow for another. In the 16th season, Epics propose to make their own new mechanical weapons in Fortnite, using crafting materials.

Fortnite weapon

General information about homemade weapons in the game Fortnight

In the online fantasy shooter Fortnite: Battle Royale, gamers not only go through trials and complete missions set by the developers’ algorithm. Epics also provide players with many sites where they can try themselves as creators. For example, Creative Mode allows gamers to create original worlds and invite friends to them for team gaming.

In the new season, Epic Games offered users to independently improve the existing guns.

After all, players need to survive in a wild world, seized by the power of unknown energy.

In Battle Royale Fortnite, items are divided into types:

  • basic;
  • unusual;
  • rare, etc.

Homemade weapons

In Season 16, the guns in Fortnight received new additional characteristics:

  1. Homemade. The weakest of all types of guns, require improvement in all shooting parameters. These include: submachine gun, shotgun, bow, machine gun, revolver. You can find them in chests, on the floor, etc.
  2. Prehistoric. This type includes a submachine gun, shotgun, submachine gun, bow (basic, fire, stinky), pistol. They are distinguished by rapid-fire shooting, and require an upgrade to increase their combat characteristics. They are obtained by crafting, and also found in chests.
  3. Mechanical. This type primarily includes onions. A new type of cannon in Fortnite. Thanks to crafting, a bow can get several imbibing effects: shock or explosive. If you want to knock your opponent back, use a strike bow. Previous types of weapons, with the proper upgrade, can also be brought to the class of mechanical cannons. They are obtained by crafting or looting in chests.

The main options for mechanical weapons

In Season 16, the new Battle Royale Fortnite game mechanic invites gamers to learn how to create new guns from existing weapons.

Different resources are required to make them. So, to create a bow, you need special materials for crafting – car parts.

There are several types of mechanical cannons in total:

  • machine;
  • submachine gun;
  • shotgun;
  • pistol.

Methods of obtaining and manufacturing

All types of mech cannons are obtained from homemade weapons, and car parts are used for modification. For example, a mechanical bow is made with parts that can be dropped from forklifts, tractors, cars, and other vehicles. These objects are located in different locations on the island. For one bow, you need to collect 4 parts.

General tips and tricks for taking the test

To complete the Season 16 Challenge, it is recommended that you land in Crappy Docks, where you can find a large number of necessary objects. By smashing vehicles, cars and tractors, you will get parts for upgrading your homemade cannon. After the required number of spare parts has been collected, go to the Inventory and select the weapon you want to modify. Then press the “Create” button and apply the assembled parts to the art. Move the character to the location and manually upgrade the selected item.

After you make a new high-performance mechanical cannon, you will pass the test of the 16th season.

What kind of weapon did you create? Do you use a bow for quests in Fortnite Battle Royale?