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According to the well-known gaming portal PCGamesN, the publishers of the battle royale Epic Games have sent their users a new questionnaire asking if they are familiar with certain characters and brands. This time the developers asked: “Are you familiar with CJ from GTA: San Andreas, the Scorpion fighter from Mortal Kombat and others?”

Active users immediately suggested that Epic Games is conducting another study to prepare new crossovers with new people and not only. The fact is that before the company also sent out similar polls, after the results of which new collaborations in the game came out. Thus, for example, the characters of Lara Croft and Mr. Chief were added to the game.

In the current questionnaire, there is an emphasis on characters in the Resident Evil series of games. After all, the names of three of them appear in this list at once, namely: Ethan Winters, Jill Valentine and of course Lady Dimetrescu. For this reason, players are looking forward to a new crossover game with Resident Evil Village, scheduled for release in late spring 2020.

Among other things, the questionnaire also recalled various streamers, for example: Dakotaz, Pow3r; brands – HUGO BOSS, Levi’s; musicians – Kendrick Lamar and Beyonce. The names of the latter suggest that new virtual concerts in Fortnite should also be expected soon.



Fortnite publishers prepare new questionnaires for users