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The epic Raider Rogue skin was unveiled in the first season of Fortnite: Battle Royale. Any gamer who received Battle Pass level 20 could become the owner of this rare skin. However, the Renegade Raider was in direct sale for a short time. It is now one of the rarest skins in the game.

General information about the character of the game Fortnite Raider-Rogue (Renegade Raider)

The character Renegade Raider was created in the image of the main character of the famous adventure comedy-fantasy “Tank Girl”, released on the wide screen in 1995. The director of the fantastic dystopia was American Rachel Talalay. The film itself was based on the British comic strip by Elan Martin and Jamie Hewlett Tank Girl. Battle Royale developers Fortnite Epic Games has adapted the popular female character for the game, while retaining the original characteristics of the Tank Girl.


The Tank Girl has a rebellious disposition. It is she, together with her allies, who arranges daring forays into enemy zones, performing complex special operations.

Her spirit is imbued with freedom. And her favorite vehicle is a tank. She knows how to control it no worse than a hang glider.

The rider’s distinctive outfit is high leather lace-up boots and a tank helmet with goggles. Where she lives with a company of like-minded people, sandstorms are not uncommon. Her mission is to fight for independence, to oppose a large corporation tycoon. The main weapon is the “Outcast’s Revenge” pickaxe.

Main characteristics

The core skills of the epic Renegade Raider skin have inspired many gamers to purchase it from the Battle Royale Fortnite in-game store during the sales season.

Main characteristics

So, Tank Girl has an increased survivability. She deftly wields a pickaxe, extracting resources. It easily overcomes difficult obstacles and rebuilds so that the enemy cannot detect it. Her discreet camouflage outfit is a great way to hide in the terrain from enemy pursuit.

Tank Girl Character Specifications
Type / Set Date of issue / Rarity Season / Price
Equipment / Storm Scavenger October 25, 2017 / Rare 1/1200 V-Buks

Components of the “Storm Scavenger” set:

  • Pickaxe “Revenge of the Outcast”;
  • decoration on the back “Rusty figovina”.

In patch 8.10, an additional skin – Checkered – was added to the Default Tank Girl style. Tankista’s last appearance in the official store dates back to December 13, 2017.

Ways to get a Tank Girl

In the popular online battle royale shooter Fortnite, there are several ways to get a character of interest.

One of them is buying an image in the in-game store for currency (V-Buks), the other is free.

Free methods

The Rogue Raider is one of the first characters introduced by Epics in Fortnite: Battle Royale. The character was released in limited edition and did not appear in the store again.

But now there are ways to acquire a Tank Girl:

  1. Contact Epic Games Support and let us know if you want to play Renegade Raider. There are cases when gamers received a skin of interest as a gift from the developers.
  2. Fortnight: Battle Royale account holders run sweepstakes and promotions on their YouTube channels. By participating in them, you will become one of the owners of very rare equipment.
  3. The Rogue Raider counterpart is found in the PvE Fortnite mode. After you activate the Raider-Huntress skin, you are lucky enough to play your favorite character for free.


After Renegade Raider was taken out of direct sale by Epics, it is impossible to meet the character in the in-game store. However, on gaming YouTube channels, happy subscribers will be able to purchase a rare skin by participating in one of the special raffles.

The gameplay of the online shooter Fortnite: Battle Royale is built on gaining experience points and improving the fighting skills of the players. To increase the level of the Battle Pass, go to single, doubles and squad battles, take part in passing challenges, earn personal achievements, sharpen skills and go to the top together with the Epic Games developers on the provided gaming platforms:

  • Microsoft Windows;
  • macOS;
  • Xbox One;
  • PlayStation 4;
  • PlayStation 5;
  • iOS, Android;
  • Nintendo Switch.

For the game to bring the brightest emotions, use the best images presented by the game designers of Epics.

Do you have a Renegade Raider skin? Do you like playing this character?