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American rapper Travis Scott (real name – Jacques Berman Webster) gained worldwide fame after the release of his third studio album Astroworld in 2018.

During this period, the developers of the popular online shooter Battle Royale Fortnite Epic Games invited a fan artist to participate in the event as a special guest.

After the event, it was decided to introduce the image of a musician into the gameplay of the Battle. So, the famous Travis Scott at Fortnite has a skin that has become another confirmation of his popularity. Epics created a character of the same name, included in the “Star Series”.

Travis Scott

Travis Scott Fortnite Character Review

Renowned rapper Travis Scott played a gig as part of his Astroworld world tour at Fortnight: Battle Royale from April 24 to 26, 2020.

This event attracted the attention of 12.5 million gamers. During the concert, the musician’s avatar controlled the rain of stars, danced and teleported in virtual space. All fights were suspended at the time of the artist’s performance at Fortnight. The broadcasts were conducted on YouTube and Twitch channels online.


The second chapter of Season 2 in the online multiplayer shooter Battle Royale Fortnite has become one of the brightest and memorable stories thanks to the introduction of a new skin in the fantasy world of Battle Royale. The renowned musician Travis Scott got his personal look in the “Travis Scott” set after playing a concert.

The epics visualized the artist, recreating the smallest details of the original – a black guy with dreadlocks, wearing camouflage pants and sneakers. His torso is naked and covered with distinctive tattoos, a thick twisted chain around his neck, and he is very fond of dancing.

Main characteristics

The main feature of the Travis Scott skin is its explosive character. He quickly lights up and goes into battle in a single skating rink or with teammates. A tireless warrior capable of overcoming any obstacle. Water and land are submissive to him, he perfectly moves over rough terrain.

Aimed fire, which he makes from his weapon, does not leave the enemy a chance to win. And “Rampage” is one of his favorite dance emotions.

Components of “Travis Scott”

Name A type Shop price (V-Buks)
Skins: Travis Scott, Astro Jack Star Series Outfit, Astronomic Set 1500, 2000
Diamond Jack Pickaxe, rare 800
Astroworld Back decoration, 3 styles 500
Goosebumps Wrap, 3 styles 500
Astroworld Cyclone Hang glider Bonus for visiting the game on the day of Travis Scott’s performance

The set entered the Fortnight in-game store in April 2020. Epic Games also raffled off free valuable set rewards during this period.

To get them, players had to go through several challenges related to the past artist event.

Travis Scott challenges

After passing special Travis Scott tests, gamers could get:

  • loading screen Astrothunder;
  • graffiti Astro Antidote;
  • flag;
  • emotion “Rage”.

The tests consisted of 3 stages:

  1. Dance on a yacht, dance floor or ski resort for 10 seconds. This challenge could be completed in any mode. The main condition for performing is to land on the dance floor and dance your favorite emotion on it for 10 seconds. The reward for completing the game was the Astrothunder loading screen.
  2. Jumping on Travis’s giant heads. At the end of the famous Astroworld show, the rapper’s golden rubber heads were added to the island’s map. All 5 objects were located in the area of ​​the Bespoke Coast. To complete the task, you had to find them and jump on each one. The reward for completing the quest was the Astro Antidote graffiti.
  3. Visits to a scene near Gentle Bank. It was Travis’s final test. The stage was located not far from Giddy Shore. The flag was declared the reward for the challenge.

After completing all tasks, players could receive a bonus free Rampage emote included in the Travis Scott bundle.

Ways to get a hero

In Fortnite: Battle Royale, there are several ways to get the skins you want. One of them is paid, the other is free.


Travis Scott was available for purchase during an April 2020 event hosted by Epics in collaboration with the musician himself for 1500 V-Bucks in the item store. It came with alternative styles and accompanying makeup. After a while, the skin came out of the official Fortnight sales.

Buy in April 2020

Is free

Pro-players, gamers often give away free rare heroes and cosmetic components to them on their YouTube channels.

To become a participant in such a promotion, subscribe to the thematic channels that interest you, join the Fortnight gaming community on social networks and follow the official news on the Epic Games website.

To replenish your combat experience, go to single, doubles and squad battles, take part in passing challenges, improve skills, and reach the top together with the developer Epic Games on the provided gaming platforms:

  • Microsoft Windows;
  • macOS;
  • Xbox One;
  • PlayStation 4;
  • PlayStation 5;
  • iOS, Android;
  • Nintendo Switch;
  • Xbox Series X/S.

Also, do not forget to share your achievements in personal accounts and blogs, helping new players to get comfortable in the vibrant and dynamic world of Battle Royale.

Have you watched the famous musician perform at Fortnight? Did you manage to buy the Travis skin? In what season do you think the updated version will be released?