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Now is the time to talk about what will happen at the base in the near future, what events await players in Fortnite.

Players are waiting for the addition of new tasks, which will start on April 17, at 3 am Moscow time. The captains will have to meet a new character and destroy several nasty monsters with him. Completing the quest will award rewards such as experience, level-up materials, and the Paws dance.

Major warns of changes to the trap system. After the zombies have interacted with the trap five times, they gain the immunity effect. However, if the traps are not applied to the crowd within 30 seconds, the counter starts working again. This means that the opportunity should be used to the maximum, and the effect of immunity imposed on enemies lasts only a couple of minutes instead of acting on a permanent basis.

We are waiting for innovations in honor of the upcoming Easter! Starting from April 11, new objects will appear in the in-game store: Ninja Hare Ken, Yaycemet. Items are limited in time and are available for purchase in the in-game store, in the events section.

The new Ninja Hare Ken is available for purchase and has the Egg Storm ability. It consists in the fact that it forms three bombs in the form of eggs, which, after the explosion, inflict 37 units of damage to enemies nearby. Commanders have access to the Egg Storm + skill, which also allows you to form three egg bombs, dealing 111 damage instead of the standard 37.

The egg launcher from the Easter event, as you might guess, allows you to fire eggs at opponents. But eggs are not simple, but explosive. When they land on a target, the eggs explode like bombs. The player can detonate up to 6 egg bombs at a time. This will allow you to protect your hideout from powerful enemies.

On April 25, in honor of Easter, the “Bunny Moon” with the “Exploding Egg” ability will appear in the store. Exploding Egg allows you to place three egg bombs, dealing 54 damage. Commanders have an improved skill that deals 162 damage to nearby enemies.

Finally, we note that Mina Robotics will stop being sold in the store on April 17. The set includes a “Shock Trap”, “Reservoir”, access to missions Mina and “Save the World”. After completing tasks, players receive bucks and x-ray tickets in the amount of 1000 in each currency. At the end of the term – after the 17th, everything that is in the set will remain inside the game, but there are no rewards for this.