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Sixth Fortnite Battle Royale season is here and everyone is trying to complete quests as quickly as possible to get all cool skins in the battle pass… Even Lara Croft hit Fortnite this season, another terrific crossover. This is loved by Fortnite and Tomb Raider fans.

For one of these first epic quests of the season, players need to find gold artifacts near the Spire, one of the new locations on the map. This is where you can find three Golden Artifacts near the Spire.

In Search of the Spire

If you haven’t unlocked the entire map yet, it is right in the center of it, where the zero point was before the single-player event mission at the beginning of the season.

Be careful when approaching this area as a lot of players will fall here as this is a new point of interest. The area also has a very powerful hostile AI, and if you are not well protected, it can take you out very easily.

Defining Artifacts

Artifacts have blue light around them, so when you are near them, they are easier to spot in the rest of the decor and in the general environment. You can find each of them here.

Artifact # 1

location of the first artifact fortnite spire

The first artifact is in the Spire Market. More precisely, it is located in one of the corn stalls, behind a small counter next to a wooden bucket.

The artifact is a golden head of a llama. All you have to do is walk up to him and interact with him.

Artifact # 2

second artifact location steeple fortnite

You can find the next artifact very close to the first one. If you head south after collecting the first artifact, you will find a ladder. Climb the stairs, turn right and enter the doorway instead of going up the next staircase. The Meowscles artifact is straight ahead.

Artifact # 3

third artifact location steeple fortnite

After collecting the second artifact, return. Exit through the same doorway through which you entered and head up the stairs. Turn left and go up the next stairs. Enter the house and keep running forward. Exit the house through the archway.

Turn left again and go up the stairs. There will be another arch to your left, and in the building you can see the last artifact. This is another golden head of a llama.

Golden Artifact Location Map

We’ve also created a map with markers to help you if you still have problems. Each marker represents the location of the artifact.

artifact location steeple fortnite

With the start of the season, there will be a lot of new content on your way. Stay tuned for new quests. Even Neymar Jr.’s skin has been confirmed to be joining the Battle Pass soon.

Raz, a level 50 skin, is believed to have unlockable styles as during single player event we saw one of them. However, it is not yet known when and how fans will be able to access it.