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Epic Games’ popular online shooter Battle Royale Fortnite is action-packed and requires the ability to build defensive shelters.

At the same time, construction is just as important a part of the mechanics as mastery of all types of weapons. At the initial levels, the player receives simple types of weapons.

The higher the level, the more difficult the fighting and the fiercer the fight for prized prizes in tournaments. To earn XP and successfully move through the levels, upgrade weapons in Fortnite using gold and other in-game resources.

Weapon upgrades

Ways to Upgrade Weapons in Fortnite

In the online fantasy shooter Battle Royale Fortnite, there are several ways to improve personal combat items. One of these is workbenches located in closed rooms of different buildings, the other is NPCs (from the English Non-Player Character; computer-controlled characters), meeting with which makes it possible to modify weapons.

Workbenches (location of locations)

The first way to upgrade cannons appeared in the game Fortnite: Battle Royale in the early stages. Landing in locations for passing tests and going into buildings in search of loot, gamers could find workbenches with which the level of the gun was increased.

Farmed resources were used to install the mods:

  • wood;
  • metal;
  • a rock.

Depending on what level of modification was required, the required number of res was spent. The locations in which the workbenches are located have changed and change according to the seasons.

Some of them:

  • Crappy dock;
  • Gas station near Pleasant Park;
  • Building at the Point of Sale;
  • Fatal farm;
  • Careless shore;
  • Holly fences;
  • House of Prickly Keys;
  • Nectar lowland;
  • Cinema;
  • Mountain town;
  • Lonely Lake;
  • Giant cooling towers;
  • Beach village.

According to game mechanics, workbenches are located inside buildings, hangars, small sheds located in the zone of the selected geolocation. In addition to the already known resources required for the up, Epics added gold bars, which are also used as payment for modifying guns.

Weapon upgrade heroes

Starting with Season 16, Epic Games has introduced upgrade bots to replace workbenches. Thanks to these assistants, gamers can improve weapons with the difference that they can only pay with NPCs in gold.

Bots are located in various locations on the map, but not all of them are capable of installing weapon mods.

Needed modifier helpers:

  1. Crucian carp. Located in the north of the island in the Beach Village.
  2. Murderer. Located in the western part of the map, near Gentle Coast.
  3. Robokot. It is located in the southeast of the map in the Secluded Corner.
  4. Reese. Located in the eastern part of the island in the Crappy Docks.
  5. Big guy. Located in the same place as Reese – in the Crappy Docks.
  6. Condor. It is located in the south of the map in the Mountain town location.
  7. Repairwoman. Located at Gas Stations in the southwest of the island.
  8. Burgerman. There is a Durr Burger cafe on the western side of the island. You can have a snack and modify the cannon in it by contacting Burgerman.
  9. Senor Tomato. Works in the Pizza Pit pizzeria. In the same place he is engaged in installing mods on guns.

The weapon to be upgraded can be either a simple shotgun or a heavy submachine gun. The cost of the modification depends on the type of the selected gun.

Assistant modifier in the game

Upgrade Cost: Material Cost

To increase the level of the current combat item, you need in-game currency. It can be gold or mined resources.

Classification of weapons in Fortnight and the cost of pumping it:

A type Modification Cost (units of gold)
Basic Unusual 25
Unusual Rare 50
Rare Epic 145
Epic Legends 345

Also, combat items are improved at workbenches. For example, to modify a tactical cannon from green to blue, you will need 150 units each. wood, stone and metal. And upgrading a rare type to an epic type will cost 250 units. each resource.

Weapons in Fortnight: Battle Royale play an important role. Applying one type or another, the player solves the problem. Therefore, it is not only a good shooting skill of a gamer that matters, but also an understanding of what type of weapon is suitable for the current situation.

Upgrade your weapons and go up the levels.

Rank at the top with Epic Games using the provided gaming platforms:

  • Microsoft Windows;
  • macOS;
  • Xbox One;
  • PlayStation 4;
  • PlayStation 5;
  • iOS, Android;
  • Nintendo Switch;
  • Xbox Series X/S.

Go to single, double and team battles, solve quests, earning XP. The quality of the accompanying equipment depends on the amount of experience gained.

What weapon do you use? What is the most convenient way to improve it: on workbenches or with the help of NPCs?